Black Ivory Private Ltd. is a multinational plantation and farm management company based out of Singapore. Our specialization is in sustainable farming and agriculture and providing agroforestry management services for all our partners and stakeholders.

We started Black Ivory in 2014 to help farmers enrich their communities and promote international agriculture and its trade. We use this as a platform to provide farmers and laborers with a steady flow of income. Our agroforestry services include contract farming in India, Philippines and Indonesia with expansion plants into other countries already underway.

How do our agroforestry services work?

Black Ivory initially leases the land from the farmers for a fixed period of 25 years. We share our total income with the farmers with a yearly profit sharing scheme. Our agriculture endeavours are successful because we promote sustainable farming  by educating our partner farmers with training on all the technological advancements in agriculture as well as other eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

To enable progress in the industry, we also equip our affiliated farmers with automated machinery so that we can increase production efficiency as well as the overall quality of all the crops.

Our Mission

We understand the importance of agriculture in our society and as Black Ivory, we want to create a balance between earning profits and giving back as well. This is why with the increased demand for our outsourced sustainable farming and plantation infrastructure, our agroforestry services management has managed to create a boom for us.

At Black Ivory, we believe in integrity, respect, ethical behaviour towards our partners and stakeholders and following positive agricultural
practices. Our transparency in conducting business and our perspective towards ethical growth and honesty works as a foundation in everything we do.

Our Vision

At Black Ivory, we use our agroforestry and sustainable farming model to expand our horizons and venture further into bringing our outsourced agriculture to other countries, especially in South East Asia. We see the potential in the land with our current ventures and we believe all the stakeholders involved can mutually benefit from this.

Our advanced technologies and sustainable farming techniques provide assistance in creating conditions that yield the highest amount of produce over time.

Plantation Partners

Our agroforestry services span across India, Indonesia and Philippines, giving the manufacturers of the countries we ship our products to the best quality produce. We provide coffee, spices such as cardamom and black pepper, mangoes and lemons straight from the plantations to our partner vendors

Nurturing mutual growth across the world

We believe in the concept of ethical farming, which means all the farmers at the plantations we partner with grow along with us. We want to provide opportunities for growth for all parties involved, which is why we have kept our platform open for further investments and positive development. Our sustainable farming platform works with the concept of creating and furthering a venture that accepts social responsibility and respects green earning.

Let’s Grow Together

To join our venture and partner with us.